Publicat pe 16/01/2015

What is Chamber TRUST

Chamber trust is one of the most important services, such as trust certificate (trust seal), used in worldwide business-to-business relationships, which is a specific

instrument  of the international trade.


How it works?

The Chamber of commerce and Industry of Romania validates objective information about companies  (the existence of some dates about activity, products, services, leadership,

web presence) and publishes a  database of beneficiary companies on the site of World Chambers Network (WCN) – Therefore, the advantages of Chamber Trust for the companies are being translated into exposure and impact on

the  global market.

Moreover,  ChamberTrust is a trustful searching engine, focused on companies, that can be searched by the description of their activities or by the products, it is an useful

tool for the bussines men when they are searching for a partner, buyer or a supplier and they want a presentation that would highlight. Most of the clients is represented by

SMEs, interested or involved in the international trade.

In order to see how it works you can choose the section ”Chamber Trust seal” of the platform World Chambers on


How you can apply for Chamber Trust

Companies are asked to fill in the standard questionnaire online, in english language, which is going to be validated by the employees of the Chamber regarding the

correctness of the registered dates .  At this stage , companies are obliged to submit justificative documents and pay the established tariff. For information on products and

activities , the portal offers the possibility of supplementing the information in languages other than English ; But some fields that can be filled only in English.

The questionnaire is available at:


How much costs the service of Chamber Trust ?

As a new service , Chamber of Commerce and Industry and County Chambers of Commerce and Industry will provide him at promotional prices until 31 December 2015. Thus, the

prices charged by CCI will be:

125 EUR + VAT for companies that are members of a commerce chamber and Industry of Romania

150 EUR + VAT for companies that are not members of a commerce chamber and Industry of Romania



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