Publicat pe 22/01/2015

The first commodity exchanges in Romania were founded 135 years ago, following the initiative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The arguments that stood for the need of setting up an exchange, in order to settle the exchange rates, currencies and equity, based on the bid and ask, were included in a memo submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture, Commerce and Public Works, which described the latest evolution of the public equity trade.

Consequently, the Official Journal of Romania, dated 12th- 24th December 1882, published the following: The Opening, on December, 1st, of The Trade Exchange under the Chamber of Commerce of District V, with headquarters in Bucharest.

After almost one and a half century, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania becomes again the “supervisor” of commodity exchanges of Romania, having as duties to approve, supervise, control and sanction commodity exchanges in Romania, under the provisions of Law no 357/2005.

CCIR is actively involved in activities meant to provide efficiency and transparency upon the economic trades, in order to develop the business environment.


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REGULATION concerning the approval, supervision, control and punishment of stock exchange activity (available only in Romanian language)