Publicat pe 25/04/2017

Bucharest, April 25th: The President of Romania, Mr. Klaus Iohannis, participated in the debate “The President of Romania in dialogue with the business environment”, initiated by the Presidential Administration and organized with the support of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania on Tuesday, April 25th. The event, organized at the CCIR Business Center, represented a consultation framework and an opportunity for discussing the economic development directions of Romania.

At the opening of the event, the President of Romania stated that the country’s economy needs predictability, trust, long-term sustainability and a climate favorable to the business environment: “We need policies that encourage the integration of the value-added production chains into the national economy. Production is the key to our prosperity, which is why I wanted to enter into dialogue with business people that create added value in Romania’s economy. (…) Romania needs responsible economic policies and healthy balances, which will strengthen the macroeconomic stability, indispensable for our development. On the imperative of a responsible economic course, I have, as President of Romania, talked with all the governments I have met so far”.

The President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania, Mr. Mihai Daraban, drew attention to the problems faced by the business environment: the lack of specialized workforce and a phenomenon that could soon intensify – the migration of the private-sector labor force to the state: “We have made several opinion polls for objectivity, in order to identify major crises. One of the crises that we have identified is the lack of specialized workforce. We are also faced with a second one, the labor migration: people who leave the private system and go into the budget system. (…) There is a lack of efficiency in the state system. There is a risk that the private system will no longer be able to support the public administration”.

Mr. Mihai Daraban pointed out that the CCIR is trying to get involved in projects, starting from the reality existing in the economy, because “if we know all the facts, we will find out what we can do in education, economic diplomacy, or how we can elaborate the task books so that we won’t disqualify the Romanian capital from the very beginning by certain conditions of participation”. The CCIR President has signaled that “we are on the penultimate spot in Europe on labor productivity, last in innovation and research, and last digitally. (…) It is very important to realize that there are no big profits in Romania. Those who have submitted their balance sheets to the tax authorities have a turnover of around € 263 billion and a gross profit of € 19 billion. So, we see a profit rate of 7.2%. There are no big profits”.

Taking into account the objectives of the Country Project, initiated by the President of Romania, to substantiate and debate the development directions of Romania, the discussions within the event focused on the elements of economic vision from the business environment, the need to support Romanian entrepreneurship and the economic competitiveness of Romania, which would strengthen the Romanians’ prosperity in the long run. The main areas debated were the consolidation of Romanian entrepreneurship, cooperation with foreign investors, production, absorption of European funds, lack of labor force and skilled staff, IT & C and creative industries, agriculture, food industry, exports and lack of infrastructure.


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