Publicat pe 14/06/2017

Bucharest, June 14th, 2017: The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania, in partnership with the diplomatic representations of Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam in Bucharest, held a seminar entitled “Doing business in Southeast Asia” on Wednesday, June 14th, 2017 at CCIR Business Center.

At the opening of the event, the President of CCIR, Mr. Mihai Daraban, said that 70% of Romania’s exports go to EU countries. There are 15% of exports to non-EU and another 15% to the rest of the planet: “If we look closely at overseas destinations, we can see a lot of equipment, machines made in Romania, which have an extraordinarily high value. (…) We are interested in ASEAN countries and we want to take into account that only 6 of these countries have a GDP of $ 2600 billion, which is a tremendous amount, but it should also be mentioned that all the commodities coming from these countries in Europe are transiting the Suez Canal”. The President of CCIR also talked about the importance of Constanța port, the fourth largest port in Europe, saying that it can be reached in the landlocked countries.

The General Director of the Department of Globalization of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Radu Safta said that: “the MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) is interested in promoting economic exchanges with these countries”. Mr. Safta also said that the agenda includes meetings at the level of Minister and Prime Minister, and appreciated the openness of businessmen and their ability to improve cooperative relations between states.

H.E. Mr. Dato ‘Taj Aman Mohammad, the Ambassador of Malaysia and Chairman of the ASEAN Bucharest Committee, thanked the CCIR for opening and engaging in the seminar and supporting cooperation between Romania and the Southeast Asian countries and stressed that: “Romania has every reason to enter in the markets of Southeast Asia. We are here to support you and to convince you to leave the comfort zone. (…) We are the third largest Asian economy, but trade with Romania is, unfortunately, reduced”. H.E. Mr. Dato ‘Taj Aman Mohammad said that this seminar was the right time to consult with the trade representatives of the three states and focused on the economic sectors with commercial potential in relation to Romania: the pharmaceutical, metallurgical, IT, chemical and food industries, Transport, energy, tourism.

The information seminar was supported by specialists from the trade representations of the participating states: the EU-Indonesia Business Network (EIBN), the Malaysia Foreign Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE), the Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam – the Commercial Office, the Association of Vietnamese Businessmen in Romania.

The event aimed to provide concrete and relevant information to Romanian companies and business organizations interested in these three markets. There were presented the trade opportunities and the ways of accessing these markets as well as specific data on the potential challenges that Romanian companies can face, such as customs and trade regulations or cultural differences.



ASEAN is a regional organization composed of Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and Brunei. Only four states are present in Romania, through diplomatic representations, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.
The current President of the ASEAN Bucharest Committee is H.E. Mr. Dato ‘Taj Aman Mohammad, the Ambassador of Malaysia. The chairmanship of the Bucharest Committee is rotated for 3 months by the ambassadors of the four nations.