The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania is fully committed to stimulating economic initiative and increase business competitiveness, thus contributing to strengthening the Romanian Chambers System and achieving prosperity for the business community.


CCIR and the County Chambers of Commerce and Industry should become benchmarks for the business environment, through a strategy oriented mainly towards helping enterprises of all sizes and in all sectors of activities.


Boosting sustainable development of Romania and further integration of the Romanian economy into the European one, through a strategy with a view to refocus Romanian Chamber System to the real needs of entrepreneurship, based on the principles of competitiveness, transparency and predictability.

CCIR works to the ongoing development of the business environment in Romania through initiatives with the aim of promoting the increasing of investment and the access to finance. Multiannual Financial Framework 2014-2020 provides to the Chamber System the necessary tools for a sustainable organizational development in order to support the national business environment.

The efforts to strengthen the Romanian economy, in order to boost investments, include the stimulation of the business environment to involve in the vocational training process. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry advances the suggestion of reconfiguring the vocational education strategy of dual system, the Chamber System featuring territorial infrastructure to provide young people with training and skills necessary for employment today.