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Bucharest, November 18th, 2015: The Chamber of Commerce and Industry was today the host and partner of the Romania – Hong Kong Business Forum, organized due to the visit of the Financial Secretary of the Hong Kong region, Mr. John C. Tsang, in partnership with the Bureau of Economic  and Business Affairs of the Special Administrative Hong Kong Region in Brussels. The bilateral relations between Romania and Hong Kong have improved gratifyingly from year to year and today’s business forum created the opportunity of improving the collaboration between the Romanian business environment and the one from Hong Kong.

“The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania is the most powerful voice of the business environment from Romania. (…) CCIR commits to improve and mediate the collaboration between the inland companies and foreign investors and also our purpose it’s to facilitate investments across the borders for Romanian companies. (…) In this moment, Romania has an economic increase of approximately 3%, but we must concentrate our commercial efforts towards markets outside the European Union. Thus Hong Kong is an important partner in developing future common projects”, declared the Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania, Mr. Aurelan Gogulescu.

The Financial Secretary of the Hong Kong region said that “the relations between Romania and Hong Kong have evolved quite enough during the past few years. From the reopening of the Consulate in 2008, the number of Romanian citizens that live in Hong Kong has increased and also has the value of commercial exchanges. (…) It is not a big sum, but I believe that we can see that the economic relations are improving”, underlined Mr. Tsang.

“I am delighted to be here with Secretary Tsang. The purpose of Mr.’s Tsang visit is to put the basis of a solid foundation for a better collaboration and it is the best moment because the relations between Hong Kong and Romania have more and more straightened during the past years. First, the Chamber of Commerce of Romania has opened a working point in Hong Kong in December 2013 and this means that we have a more powerful presence of Romanian companies in Hong Kong. And there was also signed a memorandum of collaboration regarding the wine commerce”, declared Ms. Shirley Lam, Special Representative for Hong Kong Economic and Trade Affairs to the EU, HKETO Brussels.

The business opportunities between companies from Romania and the ones from Hong Kong are multiple and our countries can export a wide range of products, amongst which wines and food products. Especially since there are special conditions for investors offered by the authorities from Hong Kong, such as removing in 2008 the import taxes for wines or offering facilities to business people that wish to travel with business (accommodation reimbursement up to three nights).

On the occasion of the visit to Romania of the Financial Secretary of Hong Kong region, there was signed an agreement with the Romanian Finance Ministry for eliminating the double taxation of products. Also, Mr. Secretary Tsang addressed the representatives of the business environment present at the forum, but also the representatives of CCIR, the invitation to participate at the Economic Forum organized in Hong Kong in May, next year.

Background information

The commercial exchanges between Romania and Hong Kong, in 2014, rise up to 58, 64 million Euros. Romania’s export has a value of 48, 57 million Euros and the import of 10, 07 million Euros.

The main imported products by Hong Kong consist of raw and semi materials, consumer products, food products, fuels. The total value of the goods exports from Hong Kong, in 2014, is of 528, 2 billion USD, and the imports one is of 560, 2 billion USD.


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