Publicat pe 08/06/2017

Bucharest, June, 8th, 2017: The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania (CCIR) and C.O.S.S. PTE. LTD organized on Thursday, June 8th, 2017 the conference “BlockCon – Disruptive Innovation” at CCIR Business Center.
The main theme of the event was the concept of blockchain, with discussions oriented to cryptomonas in general, VEROS in particular, as well as a presentation of the COSS exchange platform, which will soon also have a special virtual POS function cryptomonede.

Mr. Lucian Puiu Georgescu, State Secretary at the Ministry of Research and Innovation, stated at the opening of the event: “We are very interested in this type of conferences focused on everything that means research and innovation, study and economic development. We are open to new ideas. (…) we invited CCIR representatives to the ministry (n.r. Ministry of Research and Innovation) to discuss new ways of collaboration through which the ministry could be involved including in project financing, which is ultimately one of the ministry’s roles (…). I open declare my entire support to promote these interesting, original and practical ideas”.

Mr. Vlad Dumitru, director of ICC Romania National Committee, spoke about the theme of the event “which raises important topics in the global economy – disruptive technologies, blockchain applications and cryptocurrency. The current period is certainly characterized by the digitization of all the practices and aspects of our day-to-day activities. We talk about the use of technology in our business to facilitate communication, streamline activities and provide less information or access to business opportunities”. At the same time, the ICC Romania Director mentioned that Blockchain technology, built on decentralized processes in peer-to-peer networks, based on encryption, is applicable in many areas, such as financial services, management, public administration and beyond.

Andrei Popescu, CXO of COSS Pte Ltd, spoke about these technologies, stating that “the subject of the conference is new and exciting for the new generations. (…) Financial transactions and what we do with day-to-day exchanges and transactions are the way we interact. In the last two decades we have gone through the digital age, people nowadays use digital coins. (…) Currently, entrepreneurs can open a business, a company – in a few hours, but it is very difficult for them to accept payments, take credits and be paid using normal financial institutions. Because of this, cryptocurrency is a revolutionary peer-to-peer network, meaning “people-to-people”. Existing financial institutions currently use the peer-to-corporation-to-corporation-to-corporation-to-peer system. So people do not pay people, but companies that pay other companies that maybe pay people”. Mr. Andrei Popescu also talked about the importance of these technologies and the way they will revolutionize future transactions, business activity and beyond.

Blockcon has brought together a group of international speakers who have shared their knowledge and experiences about the emerging trends of technology-based and cryptosecurity markets. Anson Zeall, Zack Piester, co-founder of Intreprid Ventures, Hong Kong, Peter Sundström, IT Infrastructure Expert, Rune Evensen, COSS Pte Ltd, Stephen Neagu, ARK.IO, Christian Hagmann – EVA ENERGY and John Chrissoveloni – CardBlue.