Publicat pe 02/10/2017

Bucharest, October 2nd, 2017: The President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania (CCIR), Mr. Mihai Daraban, received on Monday, October 2nd, 2017, at the CCIR Business Center headquarters, the working visit of H.E. Mr. Abdullah Nasser Abdullah Alhumaidi, Ambassador of Qatar State in Romania. The topics discussed were the dynamics of Romania – Qatar trade exchanges and the modalities of interinstitutional collaboration for achieving results that would increase the balance of trade between the two states.
The President of CCIR, Mr. Mihai Daraban, noted the potential for trade growth between the two countries compared to the present volume: “Although the current figures bend the trade balance in favor of Romania, I am convinced that through the intensification of the economic relations, both the trade and the level of investments between Romania and the State of Qatar will grow”. At the same time, mr. Daraban underlined the opening of the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in assisting all Qatar companies interested in the Romanian market, following specific requests.

Given the very good political relations between the two states, H.E. Mr. Abdullah Nasser Abdullah Alhumaidi said: “We are totally convinced that trade between Romania and Qatar will get a new dimension. In this regard, we are doing a number of steps both in support of entrepreneurs in Qatar and in Romania”.
Between October 30th-31st, a Qatari delegation will arrive in Bucharest to attend the Business Forum organized by the Qatar Development Bank. In this respect, CCIR’s support for the dissemination of this event within the Romanian business environment was requested in order to identify the companies interested to interact with the business delegation in Qatar.

On the economic cooperation line, H.E. Mr. the Ambassador mentioned the inauguration of the largest naval port in the Middle East, Hamad Port in Qatar. H.E. also mentioned that a collaboration agreement with the Port of Constanța is currently underway.
At the same time, H.E. proposed to send an invitation to the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the State of Qatar to pay a visit to CCIR, in Bucharest, in the near future. This is considered an activation of the agreements already signed between the CCIR and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the State of Qatar.




The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania has concluded a cooperation agreement with the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry on the establishment of a Qatar-Romania Business Council. The document is in effect.

According to the information provided by the ONRC, on August 2017, Qatar is not ranked in the top 50 by country of residence of investors with foreign participation in the share capital. Altogether, five Qatar companies are active in Romania (source: ONRC through the SNIA portal).