Publicat pe 04/10/2017

Bucharest, October 4th, 2017: The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania organized on Wednesday, October 4th, 2017, at CCIR Business Center, under the aegis of the National Committee of ICC Romania, in partnership with Capital magazine, the conference: “How to maximize the agricultural and food production”, a debate through which the representatives of the public authorities and the business community gathered to discuss this topic in order to obtain the best yield of agricultural and food production.

The President of CCIR, Mr. Mihai Daraban said at the event: “the attraction of European funds was the most efficient in Romanian agriculture, including the subsidies per hectare, somewhat easy to access, compared to other fields of activity where things are quite difficult. Perhaps by redeveloping the areas, by cadastre, by setting up large associations we will bet a lot on agriculture in the near future. (…) On the other hand, we also have the quality of organizing exhibitions: INDAGRA, the largest agricultural trade fair in Eastern Europe, has come close to other areas of activity as dimensions. In the case of big fairs, but also in the case of the ones that we organize through the County Chambers of Commerce, we notice with some inconvenience the fact that most of the exhibits and products that are presented to the visitors are of import. I think this must be a big concern because, in general, in the public space there is talk about Romania’s economic growth in recent years, about an increase in exports, but if we look at imports we are talking about 67,344 billion Euros in 2016, compared with 62 billion a year earlier. On the other hand, I requested from the Romanian Customs Authority the data to show what this import of Romania is, but I have not been successful. If this statistic of Romania’s imports is publicly debated, our farmers will probably understand what to do in agriculture; we will understand what the consumer is looking for. It is very important in any marketing and management operation to find out what the consumer desires and what is being sought on the market”.

Mr. Cornel Ştefan, director of the National Rural Development and Rural Infrastructure Directorate of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, said: “Through the European program for rural development 2014-2020, Romania benefits from an allocation of 8.13 billion Euros, adds 1.34 billion Euros from the national budget, thus adding up to 9.47 billion Euros. (…) We mainly have sub-measure 4.1, which refers to investments in agricultural areas and by this measure we try to support the establishment, expansion and modernization of farms, both zoo technical and vegetal, but also to encourage the processing of agricultural products at the level the farm to create an integrated chain and bring added value to the farms of production. The support rate can reach up to 90% depending on the project. The value of such a project may amount to up to EUR 2 million, depending on the applicant”.
At conference moderated by Mr. Claudiu Şerban, General Manager Capital, the opportunities offered by the domestic and foreign agro-food trade to increase the profit margins of the specific activities were also discussed. Among the speakers were: Mr. Emil Dumitru, President of the Pro Agro National Federation, mr. Dorin Cojocaru, President of the Romanian Employers Association of the Milk Industry, Mr. Mircea Isvoranu, Carrefour Romania Purchaser of Vegetables – Fruits, Mr. Vlad Macovei, General Manager Agrointelligence.