Publicat pe 01/12/2017

Dear Romanians,


The day of December 1st marks a fundamental historical moment for the evolution of modern Romania. It is important not to forget all the things we overcame up to present time and not to abandon the goals we have not yet accomplished. We must offer future generations a solid vision of a united nation, determined to build a better future.

The freedom of Romanian citizens was the result of a joint, lasting effort, strongly supported by our foreign partners, reinforced by our membership in NATO and the European Union.

In order to generate more prosperity and security for its citizens, Romania needs to improve its efforts in the field of public investment, attracting private investment and increasing the absorption of European funds. Romania needs to fight against corruption and waste of the public sector and to observe the endeavor of entrepreneurs who have taken initiatives to create jobs.

Nearly 100 years after the Great Union, Romania should not be content with the current state of affairs in various areas. Reforms are needed, ambitious plans and courageous goals are needed, as those who were achieving the Union’s goal 100 years ago!


Mihai Daraban




The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania