Publicat pe 12/12/2017

Bucharest, December 11th, 2017: The President of CCIR, Mr. Mihai Daraban had a meeting on Monday, December 11th, with Ms.Chitra Suresh, business a.i. at the Indian Embassy in Romania, at the CCIR Business Center.

The CCIR President talked about the growth potential of trade between the two countries in relation to the current volume, especially for the services sector. In this context, Mr. Daraban said that: “a bilateral business forum would contribute to the intensification of trade between Romania and India, given that currently there are 303 Indian active companies with a total capital of approx. 17 million Euros”.

Ms. Suresh said that the Embassy of India in Bucharest is planning to organize a business delegation in Romania: “During this year, we had 5 Indian companies that invested in Romania through InvestRomania. Next year, there are 70 years of diplomatic relations between Romania and India, and we think it would be appropriate to increase the interaction between the two business environments through a series of economic, cultural and tourist events.” Ms. Chitra Suresh has highlighted India’s economic progress in recent years, such as the demotivation of 2016, the digitization process, and the 100th place in the “Ease of doing business” ranking.



The volume of bilateral trade in August 2017 amounted to a total of 372.10 million Euro, according to MECRMA’s Foreign Trade and International Relations Department. Exports amounted to 179.80 Euro million and respectively 192.30 million Euro. According to Eurostat, in the year 2016, the volume of service exchanges reached a total of 73.70 million Euro, with 45.40 million Euro for exports and 28.30 million Euro for imports