Publicat pe 22/02/2018

Bucharest, February 22nd, 2018: The XXXIX edition of the Tourism Fair of Romania, the biggest national event dedicated to the tourism industry, was officially opened on February 22nd, 2018 in Romexpo’s new exhibition areas, B1 and B2 pavilions.

Mr. Mihai Daraban, the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania, stated at the opening of the spring edition of the TTR: “It is the largest exhibiting event taking place in these new pavilions. We present ourselves to another quality standard in terms of fairs and exhibitions. I can also tell you that in this XXXIX edition of TTR we occupy 15,600 sqm, with 2,800 sqm in addition to the previous edition, we have 291 exhibitors, of which 88 foreigners and 203 Romanians with a degree of internationalization of 30 % with the presence of 14 countries and we are proud of this participation. We are and will always be close to tourism, both in the capacity of Romania’s Chamber of Commerce and as an organizer through Romexpo.

Minister of Tourism, Mr. Bogdan Gheorghe Trif, gave a speech at the opening, stating that his main mission as tourism minister is to bring this industry among the main contributors to GDP: “We must soon have a tourism law (…) to establish exactly and clearly all goals and goals. This law will further simplify the range of normative acts that we have and which, at the moment, is extremely thick and difficult. We plan to have a tourism strategy by the middle of the year, and we already have contacts with the World Bank, a team of experts will come to help us achieve this goal”. The Minister of Tourism also pointed out that the program of governance is extremely good in the tourism industry, with precise deadlines, stating that it is also very important to promote abroad.

Bucharest was represented at the opening of the TTR by Mr. Sorin Chiriţă, City Manager, City Hall of Bucharest: “It is one of the most important events of this year to promote tourism in Romania. (…) We ensure that for us (PMB) tourism promotion is a priority. Only last year we had about 2 million tourists in Bucharest, of which approximately 1,200,000 foreign tourists”. Chiriţă mentioned that Bucharest has registered a continuous growth of tourism, and since this year, the municipal tourist company of the municipality has a tourism promotion program with projects that will highlight the tourist and historical heritage of the capital: “We want to develop together with the CCIR and the tourism ministry as many programs as possible, and we have all the openness to professional tourism organizations”.

The President of the National Association of Tourism Agencies (ANAT) Mr. Nicolae Demetriade said that: “the time has come to realize that the hospitality industry is the one that could create welfare for the whole country. But for this, we need to convince the governors to give a major interest to tourism to become a priority branch of economic development. We need to have easier access to European funds, develop mechanisms to attract them, we need to push the tourism into the priority list of investment from the sovereign development and investment fund, we must create more facilities that, over time very short, they will multiply in the economy”.

At its XXXIX edition, the Romanian Tourism Fair remains the ideal place to present the most interesting offers and tourist attractions, both in Romania and abroad, including: cultural, rural or business tourism, tourism treatment, exotic destinations, cruises and adventure tourism. From the exhibiting companies’ offers, there are also the necessary accessories and gadgets for every trip.