Publicat pe 15/05/2018

Constanța, May 15th, 2018: The President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania, Mr. Mihai Daraban, participated today at the official opening of the Europort Romania Maritime Exhibition, organized by Ahoy Rotterdam Netherlands, with the support of the Constanța Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Agriculture and Navigation and the Dutch Embassy in Bucharest.

At the opening of the event, the president of the CCIR said: “The only Romanian Chamber of Commerce which has in the title the word navigation is that of Constanța. Therefore, we continue to organize events in this field which, we say, are very important for the Romanian economy in general and for the economy of Constanța, in particular. We are blessed by the fact that we have an opening to the Black Sea, that we have a network of shipyards, that Constanța is very important port in Europe, and we are connected through the Danube River to the center of Europe. We are a major area of interest, and not by chance, companies in the Netherlands have chosen to organize this event in Constanța, Ahoy Rotterdam being the largest fair and exhibition organizer in this country. Here we have a large part of the shipping industry here. I am convinced that this event will be successful, but the fact that we have already reached the XIIth edition speaks for itself”.

The Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Romania, E.S. Mrs. Stella Ronner Grubacic highlighted the importance of the Romanian shipping industry for foreign investors and also appreciated the way Romanian and Dutch companies cooperate in the maritime field. At the same time, His Excellency mentioned that “Constanța County is of major importance for the naval industry, through its geostrategic position with the opening to the Black Sea through the port of Constanța.”

The Mayor of Constanţa, Mr. Decebal Făgădău, said: “This is our city where people and technology build the future together. I congratulate all the actors involved in organizing this event, the local public administration, the Constanța business environment, the port authorities, for bringing together all their skills and power for a common interest”.

The Secretary of State in the Ministry of Transport, Ionel Minea, talked about the importance of this event that will amplify the relations between Romania and the Netherlands and underline the strategic importance of Constanța Port.

The event was attended by the director of Constanţa CCINA, Dănuţ Jugănaru, Constanţa CNAPM director, Dan Nicolae Tivilichi, and Rector of the Naval Academy Mircea cel Batran, Octavian Tărăbută.

Europort Romania brings together suppliers of marine equipment and maritime services from 10 countries: Romania, the Netherlands, Germany, Bulgaria, Turkey, Belgium, Italy, Poland, the USA and the UAE, with more than 50 international suppliers of ship equipment and services. At the same time, Europort Romania 2018 offers to local exhibitors the opportunity to develop business contacts through B2B meetings with representatives of international companies interested both in the sale of the products they produce and in establishing cooperation relations for the production of such types of equipment in Romania.


Europort Romania is open between May 15th – 17th and brings together 57 international companies specialized in propulsion technology, automation, deck equipment, integrated management, hydraulic systems, cranes, water treatment, navigation and communication systems, dredging, electrical systems, ventilation and air conditioning, propellers, pumps, etc.

B2B meetings are held on May 17th, from 10.00-12.00, at CLUB IDU Mamaia. The participating companies have the opportunity to meet potential business partners in order to establish cooperation bridges for industrial projects and attracting foreign investments in Romania.