Publicat pe 11/06/2018

Bucharest, June 11th:  The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania (CCIR), in partnership with the Laufer Foundation, organized on June 11th, the launch conference of Smart Start USA. The program Smart Start USA aims to finance and facilitate the access of at least 10,000 SMEs and Romanian entrepreneurs to the United States market annually. The program aims to strengthen the strategic partnership between Romania and the US, especially its economic dimension, but also its cultural, social and educational dimension.

The President of CCIR, Mr. Mihai Daraban, urged the business community to access European non-EU markets, where “Romania counts 15%”. With regard to trade with the United States of America, the President of the CCIR, Mihai Daraban, appreciated the great efforts made in recent years that have targeted positive results: “In January-February trade reached the threshold of 507.7 million Euros, compared to 495.3 million Euros in the same period last year. We have 1389 companies with over 50% US capital, with 498 million lei subscribed capital. A total of 419 of these companies have a significantly subscribed capital of over 10,000 lei and provide over 14,000 jobs in Romania. Direct investment amounts to 1.34 billion Euros, but I think there is still room for improvement”. 

Mr. Ilan Laufer, initiator and coordinator of Smart Star USA, said: “As far as Romania’s partnership with the United States is concerned, we have a country record that mentions zero priority at this time: using the partnership provisions as pragmatically as possible of the two countries by promoting economic projects of interest to Romania and by increasing direct American investments in the Romanian economy. That’s what we do! We are the first to do this with a project that will be national. This private initiative will demonstrate to our American partners that we can do more. We will try through this program to play not only a role in the strategic partnership area on the economic dimension, but also to lobby for Romania in the US as much as possible”.


The Smart Start USA project provides support for entrepreneurship education and development for more than 10,000 SMEs and entrepreneurs each year, with access to a wide range of dedicated financial tools as well as personalized services.

The Smart Start USA project will focus on the following economic segments: IT, the car, real estate market, pharmaceuticals and medical, furniture and handicraft, tourism, agriculture, financial investment.

The main partners of the project are the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the US Department of Commerce Department in Bucharest, central and local authorities, various financial institutions.