Publicat pe 13/06/2018

Bucharest, June 13th, 2018: The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania (CCIR) was the host of the first edition of Autobest summit series, organized by Autobest in partnership with the City Hall of Bucharest, the Municipal Company of Traffic Management.

The theme of “Autobest summit series 2018” aimed the informing car buyers about the eco, onboard infotainment, technical and safety features. Also, during the event were debated the ways in which the traffic will be improved by the new trends in the auto field.

Referring to the challenges that the Romanian automotive industry will encounter with the wider development of electric or hybrid cars, the President of the Romanian Senate, Calin Popescu Tariceanu said: “The Romanian car industry has a very high share in the Gross Domestic Product, about 13.5%. We have two great builders who made fabulous investments in Romania. But our industry is building classic cars with internal combustion. Are we able to do something? What will be the incentives that we can give at the level of the government so that we put them in this trend? I want Romania to remain an important point on the car’s industrial map because otherwise, in a few years, with the prevalence of electric cars, everything related to the engine or transmission disappears. Components suppliers will disappear and we need to think about the issue of reconversion. Otherwise, this industry will diminish and, where today it is a growth engine of the economy could create some problems in the future. ”

Present at the event, CCIR president, Mr. Mihai Daraban, reminded the reopening, after 11 years, of the Bucharest International Auto Show. Mr. Mihai Daraban emphasized the importance of developing the automotive sector, “which is a driver of the Romanian industry as a whole (…), a field of activity that provides 206 thousand jobs” and expressed its conviction that this sector of activity is supported in order to develop and bring the better Romanian economy. “We need to locate perimeters with a great logistical potential for future investment. It is necessary to identify those areas with major logistical potential, for example, allowing connection to European, rail or naval corridors (…). This portfolio that Romania has acquired in the auto field must be encouraged and helped. An added benefit would be the use of state aid schemes to start the projects in the automotive sector, “Mr. Mihai Daraban.

Deputy Mayor of Bucharest, Ms. Tomniţa Michaela Florescu said: “Soon, the capital, through the City Hall, will have a Smart City program. These smart solutions have to go from the master plan of Bucharest, from the general urban plan, so that ultimately the aim is to obtain human comfort. ”

The event was moderated by Mr. Dan Vardie, Chairman & Founder of Autobest, and benefited from the presence of representatives of major automotive companies.


Autobest is an international journalistic project, created in 2000, in Bucharest. Initially, Autobest consisted of six journalists from as many countries, reaching a total of 31 journalists in 2018 and becoming the largest independent press jury in Europe. The first AUTOBEST gala was held in Bucharest in 2001, and the first winner of the Autobest trophy for “Best Buy Europe 2002” was the Skoda Fabia Sedan.