Publicat pe 04/07/2018

Bucharest, July 5th, 2018: The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania (CCIR) has published on the official website, the Global Trade annual report: Securing Future Growth, a survey worldwide benchmarking in the world trade finance industry.

The report was made by the Banking Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce, a global regulatory body that is accepted as a creator of standards for all forms of trade finance.

This year’s 10 year anniversary presents the report based on exclusive information from over 250 banks in over 90 countries and provides insights into the challenges and opportunities of the trade finance industry.

The report looks at topics such as digitization, future growth, and risks, trade deficit, supply, price and regional focus – Asia.

According to Global Trade annual report, three-quarters of the surveyed banks showed an optimistic outlook for the next 12 months, with the most positive respondents in Africa 89% and Asia Pacific 81%. More than 60% of surveyed banks reported that they have implemented or are in the process of deploying technological solutions to digitize their commercial financing operations.

By demonstrating the impact of interest rates on international trade finance prices, 35% of respondents said rates have led to higher costs for customers.

The full results of Global Trade: Securing Future Growth are available here: