Publicat pe 09/07/2018

Bucharest, July 9th, 2018: The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania (CCIR) considers that the amendments to the Criminal Code in Parliament are extremely toxic for the wellbeing of the national business environment and will lead to widespread abuse against companies and entrepreneurs.

Abuses of state representatives are not only certain but also very frequent, being confirmed by the decisions of the Romanian courts. Abuse of civil servants endangers job-generating investments and affects the national competitive environment.
Romanian entrepreneurs across the country have struck in many situations, among other things, the unjustified delay of some of the opinions required by the law, or the fraudulent procedures for public auctions.
The more surprising the decision in the Parliament, the more Romanian businessmen have repeatedly demanded over the years measures to reduce the arbitrariness of the decisions of local and central public institutions. That’s why an efficient justice, with the deposition of a Modern Penal Code, is an important expectation of the Romanian companies and entrepreneurs.

In the opinion of the Chamber System, Romania needs criminal legislation that complies with European standards, and a change in the criminal laws in a hurry only weakens the credibility of the country in front of European partners. The inappropriate modification of the Criminal Code creates the perception of a lack of predictability and will negatively affect Romania’s credibility as an investment destination.
We believe that Romania must give a strong signal that it succeeds in anchoring itself in the European democratic principles, and for this, the majority coalition should wait for the Venice Commission’s opinion, which Romania has requested. Awaiting the Venice Commission’s endorsement would also be a sign of seriousness for Romania in front of the European partners.

We believe that non-discriminatory and firm enforcement of the law, including the possibility of punishing abuses, is an element that will increase investment in job creation.
The Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry publicly requests interested parties to do everything possible to overcome such harmful changes that will lead to widespread abuse against companies and entrepreneurs in Romania.