Publicat pe 06/09/2018

Bucharest, September 6th, 2018: The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania (CCIR), in partnership with the Turkish Business People’s Association (TIAD), Turkey’s Foreign Economic Relations Council (DEIK) and the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Romania Thursday, organized on September 6th, Romania-Turkey Business Forum with the theme “Developing Economic and Trade Relations between Turkey and Romania in Public-Private Partnerships (PPP)”.

The Business Forum took place on the sidelines of a business delegation in Bucharest headed by Mr. Nail Olpak, President of the Council of Turkish Foreign Economic Relations (DEIK).

The President of CCIR, Mr. Mihai Daraban, stressed the importance of developing economic relations between the two countries, as well as the support provided by CCIR to the local business environment that wants to access markets outside the EU: “Turkey is the largest investor, Romania’s most important trading partner among non-EU countries. In 2017, we are talking about a total trade of 5.1 billion euros, a figure that, as the data show, will be exceeded by the end of this year. One of the most important goals of the CCIR is the internationalization of Romanian business, especially with regard to markets outside the EU, where, unfortunately, we are less commercially involved. We rely greatly on Turkey, especially as it is a G20 country. If we want to have a high-performing business, to attract a lot of investment, then we have to turn to the G20 countries outside the EU”, said Mihai Daraban.

Mr. Nail Olpak, President of DEİK said: “One of DEIK’s aims is to raise the level of trade exchanges between Turkey and Romania. We can say that the Black Sea is the country that unites us and we will have to look at this neighborhood from a commercial point of view. Turkey is ready to share its experience with Romania, especially through the common infrastructure projects that we want to achieve together.”

Ms. Paula Pîrvănescu, State Secretary, Ministry of Business, Commerce, and Entrepreneurship (MMACA): “We created the Business Romania platform, aimed both at Romanian entrepreneurs and foreign investors, in order to stimulate trade in and towards Romania. We also have 21 projects to be implemented in a public-private partnership, taking advantage of the current legislative framework”, said Paula Pîrvănescu, Secretary of State, MMACA.

The event was also attended by H.E. Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Romania, Koray Ertaş, Mr. Güven Güngör, President of TIAD / Deputy Chair DEIK Business Council Turkey-Romania and Mr. Ömer Süsli, Chairman, DEİK / Business Council Turkey – Romania


According to the information provided by the ONRC, up to February 2018, Turkey is ranked 15th among the top 50 by country of residence of investors with foreign participation in the share capital. In the first quarter of this year, a total of 15,281 Turkish companies operate on the territory of Romania, with a total subscribed capital of 574.01 million Euros.

Economic relations between the two countries are at a good level, with trade targets of 8 billion Euros in the coming years. In 2017, Turkey continued to be the first trading partner of Romania outside the EU and its 5th partner in the total international trade of Romania, namely the 6th Export Partner and the 9th Importing Partner. Romania is one of Turkey’s major trading partners, ranking 15th on export and 17th on import.