Publicat pe 08/10/2018

Bucharest, October 8th, 2018: President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania (CCIR) Mr. Mihai Daraban, participated today, October 8th, at the regional conference “Afaceri în siguranță”, within the national awareness program “PROTECTOR”. The 6th edition of the conference is dedicated to the economic operators in the Bucharest-Ilfov region, involved in the trading, marketing and supply of products and services subject to the export control regime or international restrictions on certain destinations.

Organized with the support of the CCIR, the conference debated topics such as: specific export control legislation for dual-use and military products, legislation on exports to markets subject to international sanctions, ways of identifying alerts in trade with products subject to export control, data of interest in the field of transfers and exports of arms, explosives and dangerous substances, negotiation or organization of transactions involving the removal or introduction of military goods from or within Romania.

Regarding the involvement of CCIR in supporting this program, Mihai Daraban said: “The Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry as well as the entire Cameral System are part of this national awareness program because, from the beginning, we have agreed that the business environment in Romania always has something to learn. As far as Romanian exports are concerned, even if the product does not write Made in Romania, we all need to know where it is going to avoid being involuntarily involved in the trade that we do not want. As we have already said, our target for expansion in international markets is the group of G20 countries, a very large market and sufficiently expanded to ensure that our products get right. We are still in the process of learning and we will have to make sure that certain commercial areas have to be avoided from the start”.


“PROTECTOR – “Afaceri în siguranță” is a national prevention program whose purpose is to raise awareness of the risks arising from: non-compliance with international sanctions imposed on certain states, the development of weapons of mass destruction programs and non-observance of the national control regime exports, for certain categories of goods and services.