Publicat pe 15/03/2019

March 15th, 2019: The Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIR) joins the campaign “Romania wants motorways”, initiated by businessman Stefan Mandachi, who built the first and only metro of Moldavian highway, for which he spent 4,500 euro and will be inaugurated during the 15-minute national protest.

CCIR supports the campaign “Romania wants highways” and joins the 15-minute protest, joined by companies representing the Romanian business environment, professional associations and trade unions.

As a promoter of the business environment in Romania, CCIR supports the initiative that comes from business people, in the absence of concrete actions by the political decision maker, being an extremely important signal for the whole society, not just for the entrepreneurs.

“The lack of infrastructure pushes the Romanian businessman to increase the transport price and thus to lose the competition with the surrounding countries. As a result, the whole population of Romania suffers, through the high prices it finds on the shelf. We hope that this alarm signal will be heard and understood by the political decision maker and the measures for redirecting the infrastructure will be taken urgently”, said CCIR president, Mihai Daraban.