Publicat pe 22/04/2019

Istanbul, April 19th: The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania (CCIR) organized a Multi-Sectoral Business Forum in Istanbul on Friday, April 19th, part of the Economic Mission organized in the first session of JETCO (Joint Economic and Trade Commission) Romania and Turkey. The Business Forum aimed at facilitating the penetration of Romanian companies in the Turkish market and the intensification of trade in goods and services.

During this event, was debated the potential for the development of bilateral economic relations through governmental support and the involvement of the CCIR in the establishment of stable partnerships between the Romanian and Turkish companies, through the capitalization of the network potential of the chamber system.

Mr. Răzvan Pârvulescu, Bilateral Relations Counselor, sent the message of the President of CCIR, Mihai Daraban: “A partnership with a Turkish company on a third market could be an opportunity for business development in the international environment and, over time, Turkey has proved to be a trusted partner. There is a rising dynamics of the number of companies with Turkish capital in Romania. At the level of February 2019, there were 15,491 companies with Turkish capital in Romania, with a total subscribed capital of 517 million Euros. I am addressing an invitation to any economic entity in Turkey who wants to have economic ties with Romania to call with confidence the Romanian Chamber System, which is ready to meet the needs and demands of your companies”.

“This Business Forum aims mainly to increase the volume of trade exchanges between Romania and Turkey. Statistical data indicates that currently Turkish companies operating in Romania have offered over 45 thousand jobs. The business environment in Romania is highly educated and this facilitates the access of Turkish investors to this market. In addition, through the Port of Constanta it is possible to transport freight efficiently and quickly to the states of the European Union and not only”, declared Mr. Ömer Süsli, President of DEİK.


The value of bilateral trade exchanges Romania – Turkey was at the end of last year at 5.58 billion Euros, according to the data provided by ONRC. Turkey has continued to be the first trading partner of Romania outside the EU and its 5th partner in the total international trade of Romania, the 10th Export Partner and the 7th Importing Partner. Romania is also one of Turkey’s major trading partners, ranking 15th on export and 17th on import.