Publicat pe 13/06/2019

Pitești, June 13th, 2019: Argeş Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (Argeş CCIA), in partnership with the National Authority for Vocational Training in Dual System in Romania, organized a press conference on the signing of the Collaboration Protocol two institutions.

The signing of this protocol is the result of an agreement between the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania (CCIR) and National Authority, which provides for the establishment of eight regional offices in support of the promotion of dual education in the business environment.

The Collaboration Protocol between CCIA Argeş and the National Authority provides for cooperation between the two institutions in order to identify the qualification/training needs and to develop a unitary plan for improving initial education, training, certification and professional recognition in a dual system in Romania.

“This approach comes in the context of the protocol in the field of professional training and certification already signed between the National Authority for Vocational Training in Dual System in Romania and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania. In our capacity as a County Chamber, part of the Romanian Chamber System, we will continue to engage with county economic actors and Argeş County School Inspectorate in all approaches and initiatives aimed at developing dual professional education in Argeș County. I consider this protocol a very important tool, meant to define, but also to operationalize the objectives in the field of dual training, which have been repeatedly affirmed by the chambers of commerce and industry in Romania”, said Argeş CCIA, Mr. George Caval.

“The signing of this protocol is part of the strategy of the National Authority to open 8 Regional Offices in partnership with the Chambers of Commerce and Industry. The main objective is to get closer to the business environment, as Dual Education is organized only at the request of economic agents. The regional office that will open in Argeș will cover the entire South Muntenia region. Immediate goals are getting closer to business people, promoting the development strategy, identifying human resources, and promoting opportunities for business. And for both students and parents the assurance that learning a job and having a well-paid job at the age of majority is an extra chance”, stressed the president of the National Authority for Vocational Training in Dual System in Romania, Mr. Gabriel Bratu.

The event was attended by some of the most important representatives of the business environment in Argeş, members of the Argeş CCIA Board of Management, Mr. Sandu Nichita – Vice President Arges CCIA, Mr. Ion Brănescu – Vice-President Arges CCIA, Mr. Mircea Andreescu – Vice President of Argeş CCIA and representatives of Argeş County School Inspectorate: Mr. Dumitru Tudosoiu – General School Inspector, Mrs. Gabriela Neagu – Technical Inspector of Technical Education, Mr. Gheorghe Dinuţă – Director of the Mioveni Technical High School, Mrs. Ionica Maria – Director Astra High School.