Publicat pe 25/07/2019

Bistrita, July 25th 2019: The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bistrita-Nasaud, in partnership with the National Authority for Dual-Initial Training in Dual System in Romania (ANPFPISD), organized a press conference on Thursday, July 25th, when signing the collaboration protocol of the two institutions.

In the context of the real workforce needs of Romanian companies, for which Dual-Vocational education represents a solution for the medium and long-term solution of the lack of qualified staff, the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the National Authority for Initial Vocational Training Dual System in Romania have signed a collaboration protocol that aims to develop projects at local, regional and national level in order to improve the dual system training and certification system.

“The labor force in Bistrita-Nasaud began to become a major problem, which is increasingly affecting local entrepreneurs. Very few high school graduates, for example. We have 3000 permanent jobs, but we pay 2000 unemployed. We need to change the legislation in place to effectively solve these things. Dual education is a very good solution to resolve this crisis. The training of young people starts early at the end of the 8th grade, and they, besides the fact that they can learn a trade for which they are awarded a scholarship, can continue their studies at the evening, “said Vasile Bar, president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bistrita-Nasaud

Gabriel Bratu, president of the National Authority for Dual Training in Romania, stressed that signing this protocol is part of the National Authority’s strategy to open eight Regional Offices in partnership with the Chambers of Commerce and Industry. “As immediate goals we aim to get closer to business people, promote development strategy, identify human resources and promote opportunities for business. For students and parents, making sure that learning a job and having a well-paid job at the age of majority is an extra chance. We also have the power to change certain normative acts. The National Authority will have an advisory council consisting of businessmen and presidents of chambers of commerce, and so we can know exactly what the real needs are in this issue”, said Gabriel Bratu.

The debate benefited from the participation of representatives of a wide spectrum of institutions with an impact on the development of dual professional education, such as: Mr. Ovidiu-Victor Frenţ – Prefect, Ms. Camelia Tabără – general school inspector, school and local business executives