Publicat pe 11/02/2020


Bucharest, February 6th, 2020: The President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania (CCIR), Mr. Mihai Daraban received, on Thursday, February 6th, at the headquarters of the CCIR Business Center, the visit of the Secretary-General of the Permanent International Secretariat (PERMIS) of BSEC, Mr. Michael B. Christides.

The meeting from the working agenda of the Greek official comes in the context of taking over by our country, on January 1st, 2020, the Presidency-in-Office of the Organization for Economic Cooperation at the Black Sea (OCEMN) and the taking over by the CCIR of the Presidency-in-Office of the Business Council.

The President of CCIR, Mr. Mihai Daraban, said: “The CCIR wants to contribute to increasing the attractiveness of the organization, through a coordinated action to stimulate the connectivity of the extended Black Sea region with the European Union. In the first instance, after taking over the presidency, the CCIR set out to contribute to strengthening the relationship between the EU and the Member States of the BSEC by addressing major issues recently initiated by the European Commission, and here I refer to the European Ecological Pact, at the opportunities of the circular economy for SMEs or at reducing pollution, digitization and energy security”.

At the same time, the President of CCIR also stated: “The mandate of CCIR will be achieved through a realistic, pragmatic approach, focused on complex technical issues, with an impact on the interests of economic operators engaged in business operations in the Black Sea Region. For example, we will concentrate all our forces on obtaining preferential tariffs for shipping in the Black Sea that pass through strategic straits. In this regard, we want to reach a consensus at the level of all the BSEC member states”.

Mr. Michael B. Christides emphasized that the tendency in recent years, within the BSEC, has been to dilute the interest of some of the Member States, as a result of the political divergence in the region, which has led to less involvement in potential projects.
“In this unstable political context, set up at the BSEC level, a convergence of economic interests of the Member States, induced consistently by the Business Council currently under the chairmanship of the CCIR, could lead to a revival of the spirit of cohesion between the important actors within the organization”, declared the Secretary-General of PERMIS, Mr. Michael B. Christides.

Mr. Ambassador Lazăr Comănescu, Senior Advisor of External Affairs to the President of the CCIR, added: “We are determined that during our mandate to the chair of the BSEC Board, we will restore the climate of consultation and dialogue at the organization’s table, including by extrapolating the EU’s strategic elements to the areas of interest in the vicinity of the Extended Black Sea Region, such as Central Asia or the Danube region”.

The working meeting was also attended by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Alexandru Ene, Director, Western Balkans Directorate and Regional Cooperation, Mrs. Andreea Gagea, Diplomat and Mrs. Amalia Manole, Councilor.


On January 1st, 2020, Romania took over for the sixth time the Presidency-in-Exercise (PiE) of the Organization for Economic Cooperation at the Black Sea (OCEMN), and CCIR – PiE of the Business Council of OCEMN (CA OCEMN) for a period of six months.

BSEC is a regional cooperation organization whose principles and objectives are aimed at developing and diversifying bilateral and multilateral economic cooperation based on the principles and norms of international law. The strategic position of the BSEC member states defines the Black Sea area as a nodal point for transport corridors and trade routes. At the same time, the region has substantial natural resources, including energy. These arguments explain the growing international interest in the region.