Publicat pe 12/03/2020

Bucharest,  March 11th, 2020: The President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania (CCIR), Mr. Mihai Daraban, attended on Tuesday, March 11th, at the first meeting of the inter-institutional working group, set up to evaluate the economic impact of the effects of the coronavirus epidemic in Romania.

The main objective of this working group is to identify the economic risks, as well as the necessary measures to be adopted in the next period. At the level of the ministries and the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, there are several analyzes on the economic, financial and budgetary impact generated by the effects of the coronavirus epidemic in Romania and in the economic relations that our country has with the states affected by the epidemic.

“The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania must support the business environment, especially in such a period. In this regard, we need very urgent official data, to be able to issue force majeure permits. Currently, we are bombarded with requests for the issuance of force majeure certificates, and these can only be issued following official documents. For example, in the agricultural sector, we cannot give such opinions until the prefect of the area provides an official report. The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the Romanian economy can be significant, given that the total value of the exchanges of goods and services with Germany reached 40 billion Euros, with Italy almost 18.5 billion Euros, and with France at 12 billion Euros”, declared the president of CCIR, Mr. Mihai Daraban.

From the working group, coordinated by the Chancellor of the Prime Minister and the Presidential Administration, through the Department of Economic and Social Policies, also participate the Ministry of Public Finance, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

They will also be involved in the debate and analysis of economic risks and in the elaboration of proposals for measures to reduce these risks: National Bank of Romania, Financial Supervisory Authority, National Commission for Strategy and Forecasting, National Institute of Statistics, Institute of World Economy and Competition Council.

In addition to the CCIR, the work of this working group will take part from the business environment National Association of Exporters and Importers, National Council of Small and Medium Enterprises, Coalition for the Development of Romania and the Romanian Association of Banks.