Publicat pe 07/04/2020

Bucharest, April 7th, 2020: In this difficult period, the risks of cyber-attacks are significantly higher than usual and, therefore, data, networks and information systems must be secured to avoid the onset of a cyber crisis, in addition to the health and economic crisis we are already facing.

In this context, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania (CCIR), in partnership with Thales Group, supports SMEs and entrepreneurs with secure solutions for securing communications and interactions specific to the telework system.

Cyber risks have increased substantially with the sudden shift to work from home so that to meet the IT security needs of companies, organizations and their employees, Romanian entrepreneurs are provided with two specific solutions: instant messaging application and Citadel calls and Cryptobox telemarketing solutions.

Citadel is a secure chat and call platform, which enables communication and collaboration with colleagues efficiently and securely. The app can be downloaded to your smartphone (from the Google Play Store – for Android or the App Store – for iOS), tablet (from the Google Play Store – for Android or App Store – for iOS) or to your computer (from here) and allow users to exchange documents (text documents, photos, videos) in private communication or a chat group.

The Cryptobox solution allows users to create virtual, individual or group workspaces, securely distribute or store all the necessary documents when working remotely. To get free access to Cryptobox, you can register here.

Until the end of May 2020, both applications are offered free of charge, with the possibility of extending the period depending on the changing context created by the pandemic. The CCIR approach is part of a sustained effort at a national level, through the entire network of County Chambers, to support the activity of SMEs, so that each entrepreneur will be able to keep their activity and specific communications safe by working at a distance.


A study by the Thales Cyber Threat Intelligence team shows that hackers are using the pandemic as an opportunity to launch targeted cyber attacks. An example is some new Android applications that track the spread of coronavirus and are infected with malware, such as Trojan or Ransomware.

Also, a large number of areas related to COVID-19 have been registered in the last weeks, over 50% is considered to be bait operations, according to Thales estimates. Other email campaigns require users to transfer money to sites that claim to collect donations or direct users to fake online commerce sites that claim to offer protective equipment.

Download Citadel for free here

Download Cryptobox for free here