Publicat pe 01/12/2020

December 1st is certainly the best time to talk about our unity, about the nation’s solidarity in the face of unprecedented health and economic challenges in the last 30 years.


Only together we will be able to overcome all obstacles, only together can we lead Romania to the expected prosperity and level of development. Only united, involved and determined, we will be able to highlight the huge economic potential of our country.


The crisis generated by the COVID-19 pandemic has put us all in an exceptional situation, which has brought to the fore health, social and economic vulnerabilities. We face an unpredictable situation, which tests solidarity and the power to act as a unitary whole. Moreover, it becomes very clear that each of us bears responsibility for the life and health of those around him.


We also have a great responsibility to our forerunners, those who made the ideal of the Great Union possible in no time. But they, through determination, intelligence and responsibility, succeeded! Their example can be a benchmark for us today, for the need for solidarity and unity around a goal of paramount importance: protecting the life and health of Romanian citizens


Happy Birthday, Romania!