Publicat pe 03/09/2021

Cluj Napoca, 2nd of September 2021: The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania (CCIR), in cooperation with the Commercial Section of the US Embassy to Bucharest, initiated, in September this year, a series of regional meetings aimed at discussing Romanian-American cooperation opportunities, under the auspices of the Strategic Partnership between the two countries and potential opportunities for trade cooperation.

The second round table of the tour was organized by the Cluj Chamber of Commerce and Industry on 02.09.2021 and benefited the extraordinary participation of His Excellency David Muniz, Chargé d’Affaires a.i. of the Embassy of the United States of America to Romania. He was accompanied by Thomas Hanson, Commercial Officer, William O’Connor, Cultural Affairs Officer and Monica Eremia, Commercial Specialist.

The event brought together representatives of 18 companies and organizations active in Cluj county interested in international development and aimed to identify concrete actions to strengthen business cooperation with American partners and attract partnerships in sectors such as IT (software, smart solutions), technology, consultancy and health.

The host, Ștefan Dimitriu, President of the Cluj Chamber of Commerce and Industry, welcomed the distinguished guests of the American delegation and thanked the participants for their presence.

During the discussions His Excellency, David Muniz, expressed his interest in finding out more details about the companies present and offered each participant the opportunity to talk about the activity they carry out and the challenges they face. Thus, aspects that could be improved were revealed, so that companies can continue their development, both domestically and internationally. In this context, the importance of a predictable legislative framework, of an education system adapted to the needs of the business environment and the importance of entrepreneurial development opportunities on the model of higher education institutions in the USA were emphasized.

Thomas Hanson, Commercial Attaché of the Embassy of the United States of America in Romania, expressed his willingness to provide support for business development through the Embassy’s activity, facilitating the attraction of Romanian-American bilateral investment partnerships, as well as facilitating cooperation in the training sector.


According to ONRC data, the total volume of trade between Romania and the United States of America amounted to almost two billion euros at the end of last year and almost one billion euros at the end of March 2021. At the level of June 2021, in Romania there were a number of active 8075 American companies, with a total value of the subscribed share capital of 1.22 billion euros.