Publicat pe 27/06/2022

Iași, June 24, 2022: Iași Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI Iași), in partnership with the Commercial Service of the Embassy of the United States of America (USA) in Bucharest and the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIR), organized on Friday, 24th of June, the conference “Best anti-corruption practices – education and prevention”. The conference was held by the vice-president of CCI Iași, Mr. Marian Mihordea, together with the experts of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for Romania and Moldova. Also, on the occasion of this event, a message was sent from the commercial attaché for Romania and Moldova of the US Embassy in Bucharest, Mr. Thomas Hanson.

“Today’s event aims to promote a culture based on the rejection of all forms of corruption and the application of institutionalized mechanisms for prevention and control at the level of companies and institutions in Iași County. The exchange of good practices with the American partners represents an important step on the side of the fight against corruption, in complementarity with the approaches of the competent Romanian institutions. We must keep in mind that the general perception of the persistence of corruption is a serious obstacle to the establishment of joint ventures or the possibility of concluding international agreements with companies in other countries. In order to improve cooperation between the public and private sectors, we support the need to continue the process of transparency in all stages of the procurement process, as an essential step to reduce corruption risks and computerize the conduct of public procurement procedures, which has been shown to have a significant effect also on reducing the risks of corruption”, said the vice-president of CCI Iași, Mr. Marian Mihordea.

The FBI representatives present at the event stressed that “in order to achieve good results in the fight against corruption, a perfect collaboration with the private environment is mandatory. Every day, the number of threats increases whether we are talking about those in the IT field, or those in the banking or real estate field. Very often, the private sector manages to identify before the FBI the possible problems of corruption, the collaboration with our institution being extremely important in this case. But the FBI needs to take the first step and come to the private sector and ask how it can help them. Only together with the business environment, through coordination and education, can we build a true resilience against problem”.

“The strategic partnership between the USA and Romania celebrates 25 years of existence, during which time the economic relations between the two states have evolved significantly. Thus, if in 2017, the first year of partnership, the USA imported from Romania products worth almost 400 million dollars and exported products worth 250 million dollars, in 2021 the value of Romanian exports increased 7 times, up to almost 3 billion dollars, while the value of US exports to Romania increased 5 times, to 1.5 billion dollars. American companies are attracted to invest in Romania due to the quality of the workforce, the strategic position of this country, but also to the fact that in the last 20 years, Romania has become a hub in terms of mobile technology”, said the commercial attaché for Romania and Moldova of the US Embassy in Bucharest, Mr. Thomas Hanson.