Publicat pe 23/05/2023

Bucharest, May 23, 2023: The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania (CCIR) and the Aeroclub of Romania are organizing on May 27 AEROEXPOFEST, the most prestigious general aviation exhibition in Romania, an event that brings together manufacturers and private owners of aircraft from Romania and other European countries and manufacturers of parts, components and products in the field. AeroExpoFest will be held at Clinceni Airport – Aurel Vlaicu Territorial Aeroclub, starting at 09.00.

“CCIR remains intensely concerned with the promotion of industries with high added value, especially if we take into account the dedicated trade balance of Romania, which, for several years, has been on an upward slope. Thus, it becomes very important for the Romanian business environment to access the international markets with cutting-edge products and technologies, one of which is that of the aeronautical and aerospace industry, a field of tradition in Romania and which, in the last period, has seen a remarkable development. CCIR has managed to attract institutional partners that have helped shape the market demand for the products of this increasingly sophisticated industry. One of them has been for many years, the Romanian Aeroclub, a prestigious institution with a history of over 100 years, which trains civilian pilots and performance sports pilots, thus constantly attracting the interest of aircraft manufacturers. We will continue our joint effort, the next step being the attraction, in Romania, of some foreign investment funds, in ambitious projects in this field that constitute an alternative solution to the imports of products specific to this industry”, declared the general secretary of the CCIR, Mr. . Ovidiu Ioan Silaghi, at the joint briefing organized with the exhibition organizers

“Relatively recently, we are involved in exhibition activities, a field more specific to CCIR activities, but which helps us a lot in consolidating communication between the important actors in general aviation in Romania. We benefited from the partnership with CCIR both at this year’s edition of AEROEXPOFEST and at the four previous editions. Bringing the Aeroclub of Romania closer to the business environment is beneficial, as we aim to develop strong partnerships for the benefit of general aviation activity in Romania. We are encouraged, at this year’s edition of AEROEXPOFEST, by the venue of the event, the Clinceni aerodrome, which the Romanian Aeroclub has transformed, through a notable effort, into a modern and multifunctional objective for general aviation. We are waiting for you on Saturday, May 27, at this event with free entry, to enjoy the airfield atmosphere, the aircraft on display and the air demonstrations that will take place”, said the general director of the Aeroclub of Romania, Mr. George Rotary.