Joint Statement on the creation of the Chambers of Commerce network of the Three Seas Initiative

Within the 3SI Business Forum, a joint statement was signed to ensure the development of trade relations and stimulate business initiatives and investments in the three seas. Signatory of the document Mr. Tsvetan Simeonov, President of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Boštjan Gorjup, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, Mr. Ivan Barbaric, Vice President of the Croatian Chamber of Economy, Mr. László Bódi – Vice President of the International Committee, Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Marek Kłoczko, Vice President – General Director of the Polish Chamber of Commerce,  Mrs. Laura Kovailovaite, Chairwoman of the Lithuanian – Romanian Business Council,  the Association of Lithuanian Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Crafts and Mr. Mihai Daraban, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania aim at exchanging information about the companies, their solvency and creditworthiness and the dissemination of business opportunities. The document also aims to identify common projects and ways to finance them.

The chambers of commerce in the Member States, together with the entire business community, have the objective of implementing existing or future projects on the interconnectivity of the three seas, particularly in the fields of transport, energy and digital. At the same time, it is intended to attract new business and investment opportunities.

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Priority interconnection projects

The first edition of the Business Forum of the Three Seas Initiative, co-organized by the Romanian Presidential Administration and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania, in cooperation with the Atlantic Council of the United States and the National School of Political and Administrative Studies, summed up a total of 48 multilateral, bilateral and national projects targeting three areas of regional development, namely energy, digital and transport.

The projects highlight not only the potential for regional cooperation, but also the possibility of establishing a common action space involving the other EU Member States, but also from the Western Balkans and the Eastern Neighborhood.

CCIR encourages the business community to analyze the concrete ways to monitor, stimulate and actively support the implementation of the priority projects debated in the 3SI Business Forum.

The list of priority projects adopted at the 3SI Business Forum