The quality of being a Member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania gives you many opportunities, in addition to the possibility to associate with the brand name CCIR, you have the undeniable advantage to develop the  potential of your organization in order to cope with the competitive pressure of the national and international offer.


Use the help of our team of experts to ensure a new level of market competitiveness and to help create a formidable position on the market.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania takes effective action to prepare and inform the business environment in Romania in relation to the area of interest.
Below are listed some of the CCIR membership benefits:


Support and representation

The main concerns of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania are to focus on the representation of the interests of the business community and its members before the most important decision factors, facilitating access to information about potential business partners/collaborators and the business environment in which they evolve.


The membership of the CCIR is a real guarantee that all your needs and interests will be best represented before the most important stakeholders.


Trust and credibility
The membership of the CCIR is the best business card in the relationship with domestic and international partners, giving them extra confidence.


Benefits and features:

You will become part of the oldest and most respected global business organization, the Chamber of Commerce, a brand that dates back to the 18th century.

The advantages and benefits are:

  • membership to the Chamber System and access to business opportunities and networking;
  • information on accessing European funds and advice on European programs and funding sources;
  • organizing presentations for your organization or product launches / service available at the CCIR headquarters;
  • information on economic activities (economic missions, business forums, congresses, conferences, fairs and exhibitions) organized abroad;
  • include your organization coordinates in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania list of members presented on the website of the CCIR;
  • listing of business opportunities, collaboration proposals etc. trough the CCIR business platform – National Business Information System; CCIR monthly newsletter etc;
  • free services designed to complement promotional services that include: free entry into the business database of the CCIR, into the members directory and also dissemination of supply and demand through CCIR communication channels;
  • discounts for: admission to professional courses and modules in other professional training courses and seminars organized by the CCIR designed to cope with competitive pressures at European level; renting the conference halls in the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania; participating in events and workshops organized by the CCIR and the opportunity to organize own events in partnership with the CCIR;
  • promoting news and updates in the section specifically dedicated on the business portal CCIR (SNIA)


Fame and authority

You can make your business known by the active participation at economic forums, conferences, seminars, workshops and professional debates organized by the CCIR.


Information and Communication

Through our printed or electronic publications you stay in touch with what you are interested in: economic studies, business opportunities, sector analysis, legislation, articles, financial information and more.


Business Opportunities

You can access the National Business Information System, an online platform that allows obtaining legal and financial data about active firms registered in Romania. Our experts use as a main tool an extensive database and allow  you easy access to information about potential partners and the business environment in which they evolve.



The success of the organization you lead depends greatly on the skills and the training of your staff.

With the CCIR, you will be able to benefit from a wide offer of professional training courses and seminars, as well as quality assurance, foreign trade, intellectual property, Electronic Archive for Security Interests in Movable Property, labor law, environmental protection, etc., designed to cope competitive reality.


Settlement of commercial disputes

Settlement of disputes by the Court of International Commercial Arbitration attached to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania has the following advantages:

  • rulings are final and binding for the parties; they enjoy a wide international recognition, Romania, together with over 100 countries ratified the United Nations Convention towards the recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards, done at New York, in 1958;
  • specialized competences of arbitrators – Arbitration Court judges are highly qualified specialists in law and international trade relations;
  • privacy – hearings are not public, no person has access to information regarding the activity of settlement of disputes by the Court of Arbitration;
  • speed – arbitration proceedings shall be conducted during a maximum of 12 months in international arbitration and 6 months in the internal arbitration;
  • reduced costs – Arbitration fees are expressed as a percentage, regressive, in installments of the value of the dispute, according to the Regulations on arbitration fees and expenses; also, in institutionalized arbitration, the arbitration fee includes arbitrators payments.