Committee for Chamber Strategie
s consists of 5 Subcommittees:

• Subcommittee for legislation and competences
• Subcommittee for chamber services and partnerships
• Subcommittee for funding and projects
• Subcommittee for events
• Subcommittee for commodity exchange activities


The mission of the Committee for Chamber Strategies is to develop and support the business environment by encouraging legislative projects through the instruments it has available, to disseminate information relevant to the business environment and to promote the Chambers of Commerce System.


• developing chamber policies and strategies;
• strengthening the administrative capacity and increasing organizational effectiveness of the institution;
• strengthening the role of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Romania as a vehicle of economic growth and of the business community;
• promoting dynamic services to business communities, resulting in increasing their confidence in the Chambers of Commerce and Industry;
• promoting of the European funds and supporting projects with European funding;
• promoting high-visibility events and topics of interest over a large area, based on the Top Companies model, to become chamber brands

Vasile Bar
President of the Committee for Chamber Strategies
CCI Bistrița-Năsăud President