Committee for Production Policies
consists of 4 Subcommittees:

• Subcommittee for import-export
• Subcommittee for industry
• Subcommittee for research-innovation
• Subcommittee for agriculture and forestry


The Committee will seek to build strategic partnerships with institutions, government authorities, NGOs and national or international bodies to promote Romanian products, support agriculture and industry through training programs and promotion of intellectual property rights.


• creating strategic partnerships with institutions and public authorities, NGOs and national or international, to support Romanian exporters;
• facilitating communication of industrial type companies with the public authorities, in order to create industrial policies that have stimulating economic effects;
• supporting innovation in areas of European interest such as climate change, energy efficiency, food security, health and population aging;
• supporting the strengthening of agricultural productivity to ensure consumers a stable and affordable product offer, supporting food security policies;
• supporting the organization of training and retraining for staff and management in the industry type based companies;
• promoting intellectual property rights and free access to public research results should serve to promote creativity.

Dan Dumitru
President of the Committee for Production Policies
CCI Ilfov President