Committee for Trade and Services Policies
consists of 4 Subcommittees:

• Subcommittee for tourism
• Subcommittee for commerce
• Subcommittee for transport
• Subcommittee for services


The purpose of this committee is to support business interests in tourism, trade, transport and services, informing it about projects and initiatives that impact on sectors of interest by working with the authorities and the public bodies.


• analyzing and identifying general problems faced by the business environment;
• structuring and drafting proposals on business needs by business on specific segments;
• liaise with the authorities and public bodies to inform the business environment representatives on initiatives and projects that impact sectors of interest;
• liaising with government agencies and the cooperating with them;
• verification of legislation related to the business environment and possible legislative proposals in order to offer consultation to the business environment.

Ionel Gagu
President of the Committee for Trade and Services Policies
CCI Buzău President