Accreditation at the National Chamber (CCIR) may be permanent or temporary.
• permanent accreditation shall be updated at the beginning of each year.
•temporary accreditation is granted for special events taking place at the headquarters of CCIR


In order to obtain permanent accreditation, the press entity from Romania applying for accreditation shall submit the following documents:
• Accreditation Form
• Copy of the identity card
• Copy of the press card

If the employment contract is terminated between the accredited journalist and the press institution on behalf of which he has applied for accreditation, the latter shall notify in writing, The Analysis, Policy and Public Affairs Department, Public Communication Office.


In order to obtain a provisional accreditation, the press entity from Romania applying for accreditation shall address the Analysis, Policy and Public Affairs Department, Public Communication Office, 24 hours before the event for which it submits its request. The written application may be submitted personally by the journalist, on the day of the event, when requesting access at CCIR headquarters.
The provisional accreditation is valid only for the day or period in which the action meant to have media coverage takes place.


• shall submit to the ethical norms in the field (see the regulation of the Romanian Press Club);
• shall undertake to participate in the conferences and events organized by CCIR, based on an invitation from the organizers
• may request for meetings, debates and press conferences with the institution leaders to be organized by the Analysis, Policy and Public Affairs Department, Public Communication Office.


The Public Communication Office has the right to refuse or cancel the accreditation of journalists if:
• the accredited journalist was fired by the media institution that requested its accreditation;
• the media entity has ceased its activity;
• the documents submitted for accreditation contain invalid / false data;
• the accredited journalist has failed to do his/her duty of covering the event he took part in.
The refusal or cancellation of the accreditation of a journalist with the necessary arguments is conveyed in writing by the Analysis, Policy and Public Affairs Department, Public Communication Office.


The obligations of the Public Communication Office regarding the accreditation and information of journalists are as follows:

• The Public Communication Office is participating in the accreditation of journalists and shall inform in advance the date, time and place of the meetings and events organized by the CCIR;
• assist in organizing meetings and discussions;
• Organize press briefings, conferences, meetings about the activities of the CCIR and the Chamber System in Romania;
• Shall prepare and transmit press releases, press briefings, various materials


The media accreditation is carried out in order to ensure transparency of the National Chamber (CCIR) and to secure best conditions for the professional work of journalists who cover the activities of CCIR.
Press accreditation will provide access to the events CCIR and priority access to the press releases or information published by CCIR

The press accreditation is valid for one year and should not be renewed; the journalist should only update his/her contact details, if appropriate, or requested by the CCIR.

If the organization does not provide badges, the accredited journalists shall be allowed access granted on the press card and the list of accredited journalists.

Printed documents for media information will be picked up personally based on the press card or ID and on the list of accredited journalists at the press desk organized for every event.


To attend an event, please download and fill in the application form below and send it signed and stamped to the following address: or fax number: +4021 319 01 56.

Download press accreditation form in pdf. format.

Sending back the completed form is equivalent to a request for accreditation. After reviewing the application by CCIR staff, you will receive the confirmation electronically, or if you have been refused the request, you will be notified that: “Your application has been denied.”

Thank you for your interest and please contact us for any further details.