Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania is empowered, by Law, to endorse, upon request, other types of documents for international trade (invoice, on plant health certificate, registration form for export, letter of credit, declaration of manufacturer etc.).

Documents required for the endorsement of international trade documents:
• request form (original);
• empowerment/delegation (original);
• the document for which the endorsement is requested (original and copy).

Prices for the endorsement of international trade documents (excluding VAT):

• 378,15 lei/set;
• 302,52 lei/set for the release of two or more sets(20% discount)

A set of documents can be made up of:
• other documents for international trade;
• certificate of origin and other documents for international trade.

Expert advice: 30 EUR/30 minutes (without VAT).

Incident legislation:
• Law no. 335/2007, with subsequent amendments;
• Reg. (EEC) No. 2913/1992-Community customs code;
• Reg. (EEC) No. 2454/1993 laying down certain provisions for the application of the Community Customs Code.