At the request of any interested legal person, The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania, according to art. 28 paragraph 2 letter (k) of Law no.335/2007 and art. 16 pt. 10 of the Statute of the National Chamber certifies the signature of the legal representative of the solicitor appended on the documents issued by the company.


– only the signatures issued by the legal representatives of the applicant can be certified;

– the certification of the signatures can be appended only on original documents;

– only the signature is certified, and not also the content of the document;

– signatures of legal representatives whose term has expired cannot be certified;

– there cannot be released a certification signature for companies expunged from the National Registry Record, companies in liquidation or judicial administration or for which it has been stopped the administration right in the insolvency proceedings.

Documents required

In order to obtain the signature authentication, applicants will address Legal Office of CCIR Legal Division – Strategies, Policies, Programs and Legal Department with the following documents:

– application – standard form that you download here:

Application for signature authentication

– documents for which is requested the certification signature (original + certified copy);

– identity card/ passport, if applicable, the legal representative whose signature is certified (copy);

– certificate of registration in the Commercial Register, a copy of the original;

– empowering paper of the person delegated to obtain the certification of signature;.

– identity card/ passport of the person empowered to obtain certification of signature (copy).

Price: 20 EUR (in lei at the exchange rate from the payment day) + VAT

Expert advice: 30 EUR / 30 minutes (excluding VAT).

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